What We Do

At Phambili IT we partner with you to improve your business resilience through our offering of Provide Protect Comply and Monitor.

We make use of our customised assessments plus various toolsets to measure your level of resilience maturity as well as vulnerability, providing a macro view of potential risks and gaps that exist in your operating environment for monitoring and management. (ITIL & CMMI)

We use regulatory compliant frameworks and methodologies to ensure that your data and systems are adequately protected.

Based on our knowledge of the various legislative and regulatory frameworks, we work with you to ensure compliance at the highest level to demonstrate good governance and sound business practice. (KING IV, TCF, POPIA, COBiT, PSGITCPF, ISO)

We have access to leading global branded security software suites and we are able to design, develop, deliver affordable custom software for clients.